When my armor gets chipped

So, it's 11:30 p.m, (MST). I went to bed two and a half hours ago. But I didn't go to sleep, I've just been crying. And simultaneously trying to figure out why the words of some stranger on the other end of a call has me so upset. That man who spoke those words to … Continue reading When my armor gets chipped

Oops I did it again…..but there was a reason

Hi........hi........hi..... Apologies again for my absence..which I'm here to explain. Blogging and writing has been difficult, because I lacked the tools to do it comfortably. I had been doing it on my phone which SUCKS. I'm an old school writer brought up in the old school ways of sitting at a computer or laptop and … Continue reading Oops I did it again…..but there was a reason