Oops I did it again…..but there was a reason


Apologies again for my absence..which I’m here to explain.

Blogging and writing has been difficult, because I lacked the tools to do it comfortably. I had been doing it on my phone which SUCKS. I’m an old school writer brought up in the old school ways of sitting at a computer or laptop and writing. Its 2020, digital evolution I know, but this particular part of evolution, I hate.

My laptop was stolen and that’s a story that I’ve just been avoiding because to get mad about it will solve NOTHING. So like many assaults on me, I’ve just buried it. The jist of the story is, I know exactly who stole it, and the girls mother WAS my friend, but since she chose protecting and coddling her daughter over me, I just ended my friendship with her, since clearly she didn’t value my friendship. What makes it worse, is the girl who stole it, is a GROWN WOMAN!!!!

Such Bullshit.

In my absence one of the things I’ve decided is I’m done protecting people and their shitty behavior. I’m laying all your shit to bear, if you don’t like it, you should have made better choices.

In the laptop thing, I should have gone right to the cops, but I was trying to give my friend the benefit of the doubt. Anytime that happens, the kinder person gets fucked.

Live and learn.

Anyway so I haven’t been writing and that is so detrimental to my health. So I’m back. The good news is, I FINALLY got a new laptop. Update on that later.

So I will be writing again and editing and releasing work for you all. New books and re-released, edited books.

For some reason wordpress isnt working on my computer…weird.

I’m happy to be back and have MONTHS of things to catch up on for you my dedicated readers. Seriously thank you for hanging in there. I know I’ve been touch and go and absent for months and I’m sorry. I can’t thank you enough for sticking in here.

So much has happened since I’ve been gone. It will give you months of reading material. I may not relate it in order but just in whatever I feel like talking about at the moment. And I’ve decided as time allows, I’ll be making videos too, as they may be faster ways to envelop large amounts of time. I’ll also do random day in my life videos and even though it’s been two years I’ll finally do my nest tour and give the back story on how we got here,our journey to this place, and all that came before.

Time heals things and I couldn’t process all that I’d been through, much less write about it before now.

And as SHITTY as 2020 has been, it’s been a huge growth year for me.

So I’m ready to talk now.

So see you soon.

Love hugs and Turtles. …


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