Being Deaf during shitty times

That title sucks, but i’m in a hurry. I need to go to work soon and I wanted to update you all quick.

As you all know, the world is in mega turmoil right now, but for the most part i’m okay.

The constant mask wearing is wearing on me, as I rely so much on lip reading if people don’t sign, and the majority here do not.

In God’s country, they are opening the doors to the tourists, so of course our numbers in Covid cases went up, that is a source of severe stress for me and has had consequences, which again I’ll talk about in a real catch up.

Being the optimistic asshole I am, I went for a fatally shitty visit with my family. That update will happen too and I’m done protecting assholes, so I’ll tell you all about it. The final result is, it’s only taken me 44 years, but I’ve FINALLY learned my lesson and am DONE with them. (Except my dad of course)

on the upside, I have SO MANY AWESOME updates for you!! News of incredible happenings and in the wing things!!!

okay more more later I PROMISE!!!

For now, Peace and Turtles, MBB

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