The care and feeding of this Goddess

Hihanni Wast’e. (Good morning)

The sun rises earlier every morning, so I do as well. I love it. I’ve risen with the sun for at least ten years and it feels the best for me. I know when something is off because I’ll sleep in.

Anyway. I love waking with the sun because it keeps me balanced. In our culture there has always been a pride in greeting the morning star, as you say your prayers and begin your day. I love life period so the sooner I rise the sooner I have time to start experiencing the new day. Yes I have youthful enthusiasm. It’s a part of who I am and I love it. Again, a point of measure for if I’m in balance or not. And when I’m being bogged down by something, it’s this feeling, this state I miss and look forward to returning to.

Something happened last night that annoyed me and I was going to post about it. But I didn’t. At least not in the way I’d originally planned. Because it was reactive. While I will still post about it, I’ll do it for the reasons I need to not from a reactive place. Balance check. 💓

Instead, I settled into being with my daughter for our nightly ritual. That’s what matters. That’s what’s important.

This morning was partially cloudy and it caused me to have vertigo. Not fun at all. Right after I lost my hearing it was the norm, it’s one of the reasons I have my service dog. I haven’t had a case for awhile and forgot how debilitating it is. Blech. I came back inside and rested. I’m starting to feel better. I made a nice matcha cacao drink and I’m eating breakfast before I head to work.

I’m grateful to still be working. I’m an essential employee and I work in healthcare but I’m not in the danger zone. I’m not going to talk about my job in detail but I do enjoy it and I’m safe. I know many aren’t. Prayers for them. Grateful prayers from me.

I need to get ready for work, so I’ll wrap it up but I hope you have a wonderful day and stay happy, healthy and safe.

Hugs,love,peace and turtles,


Coffee replacement. Matcha cacao drink.
Matcha powder

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